Don’t be harsh on her; handle her with care

She is visiting your place and you are going to have fun. Nothing in this whole thing concerns with being harsh on the woman. She is an escort in London, but she is a woman at the first place and you have to show some respect and dignity to her. It is her profession. They way you are paying for the service; she is also get paid for giving away the service. But at the end of the day you cannot ignore the human connection. So do not behave harshly to the woman and give her the due respect. She Gurgaon escorts will be able to serve you properly if she gets to respect you. Show some gentleman spirit to the woman. Show her the washroom. She may require going to the washroom once or twice. This is something you should go for. This will increase her respect for you.

‘Time is money’ remember that!

Do not make her wait and do not linger her more than the said time. You must not let her stay at your place once the booking time is over. She is actually paid for the particular time and once the time got over, she may face problems handling her next client or the agency. If there’s anything odd situations happens what you people cannot avoid, then being a gentleman call the agency and ask for the extra amount you need to pay. You got the lady in this trouble and now it is your duty to take her out of this trouble. Sometimes the place you are using for the session may have poor car connection and the lady cannot reach to the agency in time. So you need to think about the situation and being a man you have to control the situation. Step up and accept that the situation cannot be avoided and hence if some extra bucks to be paid.

Keep precautions along with you

When you are going to get intimate with someone, you need to think about the precautions. In most of the cases, the escort in gurgaon brings condom along with her. But you can ask her if you need to bring the precautions on your own. When we welcome someone to our place, we clean the rooms and make our home look tidy. So if you are calling the woman to your place, make sure you keep the toilet clean. She will use the toilet and as she comes out from a reputed agency, she never uses a bad smelled or untidy toilet. You need to treat the woman like you treat other women of your life. So ask the room service to clean the toilet along with the room. When you are going to have fun, make the room look good.


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